A Word of Blessing (May 1990)

Jehovah saying to the author, “The lambs that follow you will enter my world through this temple. Some time passed before God showed me this vision. I found myself on the larch tree-lined path in front of the Algok-seongjeon, shrouded in fog. Heaven’s gate opened above and rainbow of light shined down in waves, reaching the yard in front of the Algok-seongjeon. The throne of Jehovah appeared at the open gate and God said,

“Stand on it.”

I stood on the shining light and looked up at God's throne. It was the same throne I had seen in Heaven. Then Jehovah spoke.

“Your followers will enter my world through this Temple.”

In October 1972, before I started Holy Eden Church, Jehovah was enraged by the collapse of the work done by the former servant (the First Olive Tree) and reproached his followers. He said, “These people are more stubborn than the followers of Moses.” But after 18 years, he let go of his anger and gave his blessing. Algok-seongjeon, the Temple of Grain, is indeed a place to grow grains, the soldiers of Heaven, and dedicate them to God (Refer to Revelations 14:15-16). This is the way God said we could go to him, through Algok-seongjeon. The silky rays of glittering light shining down through the fog were beautiful. After seeing the vision, I took a morning walk. When I reached the front of the Algok-seongjeon, I was deeply moved, so I gave thanks to God for his words of blessing through my vision.