The First Audience with Jehovah (April, 1970)

Jesus in the spiritual world In April of 1968, I took a leave of absence from my preacher position at Jeondogwan (the evangelical church established by the First Olive Tree) and began managing a company called Samil Industry while living in Seokgwan-dong. One day in April 1970, after arriving home tired from work, I fell into a deep sleep. A young, comely man appeared and came toward me smiling. He said, “I have come to meet you.” I asked who he was, and he answered, “I am Jesus of Nazareth.” Amazed and enthusiastically surprised, I asked, “What brings you here?” to which he replied, “I'm here to bring you to my Father,” and tenderly reached for my hand. His hands were warm and soft. Jesus looked very different from what I had imagined; different from the widely common depictions I had come to accept. He stood approximately 7cm taller than me. His face was smoothly rounded, and his eyes distinctly rounder than my own almond-shaped, Asian eyes. His eyes were a dark blend of black and blue. His hair was a dark, reddish black and flowed down to just above his shoulders.

Jesus placed another hand on my shoulder and said, “Hold on tight.” Then, his hand in mine, I felt my body lifting up into the sky. Scared and mystified, I looked down and saw the village quickly shrinking into the distance below. As we entered the clouds, my body tensed with instinctual fear. Seeing my fear, Jesus said, “Hold my hand tight.” So I did. I was reminded of when Jesus ascended to Heaven in Acts and asked, “Lord, when you were resurrected and ascended to Heaven with angels, was it like this?” And Jesus said that it was so. I looked down below and saw roofs of tiny houses peeking through the clouds. Having never been on an airplane before, such a sight terrified me even more.

Jesus visiting the author Traveling with Jesus to the world of God

After some time, Jesus said, “We will now be passing through Hades,” and said once again “Hold my hand tight.” Until then, I had always believed that Hades existed beneath Earth, so it was peculiar to learn of its existence above. I tightened my hold on Jesus’ hand and the world around us suddenly went dark. From the void, I sensed hands reaching toward me. No more than two meters away, I felt fingers grasping through the dark but never grabbing a hold. As we passed through the blackness at increasingly fast speed, I was very tense. After a long period of flight, the world suddenly became so extremely bright; I could not open my eyes. When my vision gradually adjusted, I realized I was kneeling down in what I can only describe as an opulent palace. Thirty meters before me stood a magnificent throne, with angels standing to each side. Directly to right of the throne stood Jesus, cordially posed with his hand folded.

Before the throne of God

Jesus then turned and said to the throne, “This is the Overcomer I have chosen.” As I heard his words, I realized it was Jehovah sitting upon the throne. His upper body shined with a blinding radiance, like the blazing glow of molten metal within a smelting furnace. From the light, came a voice. He said, “Your name is Lee Young-soo, is it not?” His voice commanded me to lift my head. Filled with fear, I complied. But as I tried to look upon the throne of Jehovah, the flaring light was far too bright to make out his figure. His voice said, "There is a task you must do for me." and he revealed to me my mission. After Jehovah finished, he said to the two angels solemnly standing beside him, "Show him the Holy City to be built in the future." The angels were immediately beside me and held my arms from both sides. In an instant, we traveled a long distance and I found myself standing within a splendidly magnificent building. A long, school-like hallway extended infinitely in one direction, sparkling with high gloss. On the right side of the hallway, there were a seemingly infinite number of rooms, each marked with a nameplate on the entrance. I went into one room and it opened into a hundred square meter space, decorated in resplendent jewels and other glittering materials. At the far side was a large desk, in the middle was a smaller desk, and near the door was an even smaller desk. Each was further decorated in gold and jewels. I realized these beautiful rooms were meant be offices, to be used by the 144,000 kings in the future. This was the Holy City to be built in the future. (Revelations 21:10)