To the readers of this booklet, I would like to say the following. Each scene depicts a date upon which God revealed his visions to me. When God revealed these scenes, he said, "Even if you tell people what you have seen, no one will believe you. However, when the time comes, many will believe the visions I have shown you and the stories I have told you. Until then, keep silent." Thus, I have always remained curious as to when that moment would arrive.

Then God commanded me to build the Algok-seongjeon (the Temple of Grain), and now that Algok-seongjeon Complex is nearing completion, I decided it was time to reveal these spiritual scenes to the world. As I prepared myself and put together the scenes to be exhibited in the Cultural Center, I decided to publish this booklet to let the world witness the workings of God.

I want readers to know that everything in this booklet is described exactly as I have seen and heard. Nothing added, nothing taken away from the truth. It is my belief that, through the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus will touch the souls of those who read this booklet. I want readers to know that, as you read, if you feel a burning warmth coming from within yourself, or if you feel a cool, sweet taste quenching your throat, or if you feel a misty drizzle upon your head or a freshly scented breeze surrounding you, then you will know the Holy Spirit is attesting to the truth and validity of the scenes before you.

December, 2013
Lee Young-soo