Garden of Eden (May 1970)

The author soaking in a river in the Garden of Eden

In a vision, I found myself walking in a moor on a warm spring day. There was a stream, and beside the stream were small valleys filled with various flowers and shrubs. The stream was ankle-deep and about 20 meters wide. The bottom was covered with pebbles, and I was stunned by the stream's glittering flow. As I walked around, I caught my hand on a branch, leaving a cut on my left wrist. Further downstream, the water narrowed and became deeper, so went in for a quick soak. As I rose to get out, I was surprised to find the cut on my wrist completely healed. It was then I realized that this must be the numinous power of the river in the Garden of Eden. I found myself wondering what Adam had looked like and how he lived in those ancient times, but I did not see any person or animal around. When I awoke from my vision, I was disappointed to have not seen either Adam or animals. And I thought about why God did not show Adam to me. Perhaps it was because, according to the Bible, Adam was created in the form of God, and thus seeing Adam would have been seeing God.