The Last Judgment (1977)

Judgment of every soul since creation In this vision, I witnessed the final judgment. After finishing their final battle with the devils, the 144,000 soldiers received their authority to judge mankind (Revelation 20:4), with their judgments taking place in 144,000 places. Each judge sat on a throne of a great hall. To each side sat supporting angels. Among those who were being judged, some sat on pews inside the hall and some stood waiting outside. The line seemed to extend infinitely. On a table before each judge were books which recorded people's deeds from their lives on Earth. Their judgments were made according to these books. Should a judge know a person, whether from a close or bad relationship, that judge could ask the one who has inherited the throne of Jesus (Revelations 3:21) to have that person sent to him, even if initially given to another judge. Thereby the judge could benefit or take revenge upon that person during the final judgment. That the justice system of the spiritual world could be so similar to that of our own was wondrous to me.