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Lee Young-soo, prophesied as the Second Olive Tree in the Bible, went to God's world with Jesus and met Him. After that he was taught about his missions in about three years through visions. He established Holy Eden Church in 1973 according to God's command and is doing God's work following continuous directions from God and Jesus.

This booklet is for introducing some of the visions. It includes "Visions of Jehovah’s World", "Visions of the Devil’s World", "Visions of the Bible", "Visions of the Olive Tree" with illustrations, and also the words of God and Jesus without illustrations. They are followed with editor's witness on Lee, Algok-seongjeon and its annex, provincial churches, books of Holy Eden Church.

Table of Contents

1 Visions of Jehovah’s World

1. The First Audience with Jehovah
2. The Second Audience with Jehovah

3. Prophets in the Most Holy Place

2 Visions of the Devil’s World

1. A Threat from the Devil

2. The Devil King Being Worshipped

3 Visions of the Bible

1. Garden of Eden
2. The Mark Given to Cain
3. The Anguish of Jesus
4. The Miracle of Multiplication
5. Jesus in Agony

6. Jesus Passed Away
7. The Banquet Hall in Heaven
8. The Last Judgment
9. The View of the Kingdom of Heaven and Hell

4 Visions of the Olive Tree

1. The First Vision
2. Primitive Life of Man
3. After the Revival Meeting at Yeouido Square
4. Spiritual Position of the Preceding Servant
5. The Angel and Fruits

6. The Chestnut Harvest
7. The Grape Harvest
8. The Lament of the Olive Tree
9. A Word of Blessing

5 Other Visions

1. The Words Jehovah Told Me

2. The Words Jesus Told Me

6 Editor’s witness on the Overcomer, Lee Young-soo