A Threat from the Devil (August, 1971)

One of the two devils visiting the author Several months after I was tasked by Jesus with the mission of the Olive Tree (April 1971), two devils appeared before me. The following picture shows one of these devils. Their look was indeed a little frightening. With horns about 5 cm long, they had upward-slanting eyes, large ears like those of a donkey, and their naked upper bodies were sturdily built. Each hand had only three fingers and their tails stretched no less than 60 cm. Their legs were that of a goat, and with cloven hooves, they walked with their rears pushed back. They spoke with a husky voice, and I felt as if I were talking to a man. The devils asked me why I was a follower of Jesus and said, “We nailed Jesus to the cross and killed him two thousand years ago.” The devil asked me if I wanted to see Jesus on the cross, so I said yes. A large, theater-like screen suddenly appeared before me and displayed Jesus as he was being crucified.

Two devils tempting the author to abandon Jesus Two devils taking the author to their world

“Look. This is the Jesus we killed. What makes you want to follow him?” I did not reply. The devil kept on pressing, “If you abandon Jesus, we will give you anything you want. You think Jesus is powerful, but our power is far greater.” He looked at a passing woman, a scarf wrapped around her neck, and he said, “Turn yellow.” And the scarf turned yellow. Then, the devil said, “Turn red.” And it turned red.

“Look. Don’t you want to follow me now?” I did not reply, so the devils left me. Several days later, the two devils visited me again to tempt me, but to no avail. One said, “He is not listening to us, so let us take him to the King.” They held me by each arm and dragged me to their King. On the way, one devil said to the other, “He is the Overcomer, so we cannot harm him.” They took me into the Devil's world.

Idol who received power from the Devil King Once there, I was brought before a great idol about 30 meters tall. The idol opened his basketball-sized eyes wide, stared at me, and roared, “Do you have any idea where you are? How dare you stand before me?” His thunderous voice was terrifying. However, I remembered the two devils saying, “This is the Overcomer, so we cannot harm him." Comforted by that fact, I looked straight at the idol. And the idol said, “Take him before the King,” and the two devils locked my arms and dragged me away. For what seemed like thirty minutes, they dragged me. Entering a grand, dark building where I saw servant devils and was soon brought before the Devil King. In the form of a human, he looked down on me from his high throne. The devils who brought me spoke, “Do you know where you are? Kneel.” and forced me to my knees. Strangely, the Devil King did not speak word and merely stared down at me for several minutes. During that time, I could not help but be intrigued by the Devil King's unexpectedly handsome human form.

Before the throne of the Devil King

On his throne, he wore a crown and sat with a powerful, regal posture. Overcome with a feeling of imminent danger, I waited for a window of opportunity and made a hasty escape. The devils made chase as they flung their spears, I could hear the metallic whistle of their shafts sail past my ears. During my escape, I became exhausted and collapsed. Believing my life in danger, I cried out for Jesus. It was then that a sudden, blinding light appeared before me. The devils chasing me immediately turned and began running away. Those who failed to escape quickly fizzled away, melting like snowmen in the hot sun. At that moment, Jesus appeared from the radiance. Clad in long white clothes, he said, “Alone, a man cannot defeat even the weakest of devils. Now, do you understand?” And then he disappeared. When I awoke from my vision, I was soaked in sweat. As I tried to organize my thoughts, the Holy Spirit came to me, like the fall of a sweet, welcome rain upon my head.

The Devil King looking down the author from his throne Jesus appears in light and defeats the devils