The Words Jehovah Told Me

In 1958, when I was sixteen, I heard Jehovah’s voice for the first time but did not know it until four years later, in 1962. I was 28 when I met Jesus in person and heard his voice in 1970. Jehovah’s voice is deeper and grander than Jesus’, and Jesus’ voice is gentler and softer than Jehovah’s.

October 29, 1958. Jehovah’s Voice First Heard

In 1958, when I was 16 years old, I started attending Jeondogwan in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. In October of that year, I moved to Jeonnong-dong in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. Several days after the move, my father passed away (October 28, 1958). As I was on my way to my aunt’s house the next morning to deliver the news, I thought, “Now I have become a fatherless child.” Then, I heard a voice from the sky. “Where are you looking for your father? Your father is in Heaven.” When I looked up, I only saw cirrus clouds passing by. I learned that it had been the voice of God in 1962, when he spoke to me again.

Mid April 1962. Call Me Father

In June 1960, I began working at Daeil Lumber Company in Yongdu-dong, Seoul. But just two years later, the company closed down due to urban planning and development and I lost my job. As I searched for a new one, I had a dream that the former servant asked me to become a preacher. So I began studying the Bible in the preacher training program at the Faith Village of Jeondogwan, located in today's Beombak-dong, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-city, Gyeonggi-do. One day, I came back home after the morning service and Bible study and fell asleep for a while. Then, God said, “From now on, when you look for me, do not call me God, but call me Father. Then, I will respond, ‘I am here.’” This was the same voice I heard when I was 16. After I became the Lord’s servant, I learned that God promised to inherit the water of life to the Overcomer so that he could give it to the thirsty without cost. I also learned that Jehovah promised to be the Overcomer's God and treat the Overcomer as his son (Revelations 21:6-7).

August 1970. Blanks in the Bible

In a vision, God commanded me to open the Bible, but this Bible appeared to be about three to four times bigger than the Bible we know. God said, “Open the book of Genesis,” so I opened the Bible. He said, “Take a look at it.” It was written in Korean and there were blank passages spread throughout. God said, “Look at the empty spaces. They represent the stories that have been hidden.” When I looked into the blanks, scenes played out before me like a film. They were scenes that God had concealed to keep them from devils. Since then, whenever I became curious about God's work, I was shown scenes to understand and realize their significance.

October 1972. Stubborn than Moses' People

Jehovah opened the gate of Heaven and talked about the former servant's works. “I will wipe out this nation. These people are more stubborn than those who resented me in the desert, back in the time of Moses.” God's furious voice came from above, and the earth shook. I felt my face turn pale with fear. After calming my breath, I said, “My almighty God, Jehovah, even during the time of Moses, you were generous and did not wipe them out when you heard Moses begging for your mercy. I’m not sure why you are angry with the former servant's followers, but I know that you had a purpose when you established two Olive Trees. Would it not be right for you to let go of your anger and give me another chance?" Jehovah did not respond, and the light began to disappear slowly as the gate of Heaven closed.

March 18, 1973. Order to Return to Work

In a vision, God showed me flowers on acacia trees and told me to return to my preacher position and prepare to carry out my mission when the flowers started blooming on acacia trees. Hearing these words, I knew that the relationship between the former servant and me would not be like that of Moses and Joshua, in which the transition was smooth, but like that of Saul and David, which was hostile and turbulent, and became very concerned. I did not respond.

March 20, 1973. Urging to Reinstate

Two days after God told me to prepare to become his servant, he said again, “You must hurry. The situation in Jeondogwan is urgent.” I had a lot of things going on at the time, so I asked him to give me six months to straighten them out.

June 1973. Nuclear Weapon

In a vision, Jehovah talked to me about nuclear weapons. He said, “Men have created nuclear weapons and are proud of their achievement. However, as time passes, nuclear weapons will be difficult to handle; and men will regret ever having created them.”

October 2, 1973. Do It Separately

On September 16th, I returned to work at Jeondogwan, but as the rumor that I was the Second Olive Tree spread, the former servant fired me. Soon after, in an early morning vision, I was given instructions for my work in the future. God showed me four different visions. The first was of the pulpits of Jeondogwan, where beguiling preachers were filled with such arrogance that they became detestable in the eyes of God. The second was of a shepherd dog coming into a place of worship, but instead of driving him out, the worshippers paraded the dog around the church, desecrating it. The third was a place that was filled with insects and moths attracted to fluorescent lights, instead of the dew and fragrance (the living water from Jesus' blood, refer to Isaiah 26:19 and Hosea 14:5-6).The fourth was of the former servant. Upon hearing a rumor that I was the Second Olive Tree, due to my sermon at Jeondogwan in Hongje-dong, he became enraged that such an issue was not properly solved earlier and instead had to be reported to him. He had lost all of his spiritual greatness, and was now nothing more than an ordinary man. God also showed me people from Jeondogwan gathering around me for worship and ordered me to find a place east of the Dongdaemun to start a new church.

November 1973. The Repairer

Before starting Holy Eden Church, God said, “If you restore the failed work of the former servant, you will be called the repairer of failure.” Then He said, “If that happens, I will also reward you for what the former servant did well."

November 1973. Neglected by the Church Members

I started Holy Eden Church on November 17, 1973. One day soon after, I preached God’s words with passion and returned home. That night, God showed me a scene of a service with very few people and said, “Look how your followers do not listen to your sermon and ignore it.” In the vision, they indeed had their faces turned away and were looking elsewhere. Jehovah demonstrated my followers' lack of faith in me.

December 1973. The Living Water Ten Times Stronger

In a vision, God said to me, “The strength and effectiveness of the living water during your time will be ten times greater than that during the former servant's time.”

March 15, 1974. Zechariah's Prophecy

In a vision, Jehovah said, “What I told my young servant Zechariah 2,500 years ago will come true in your time." Through this, I learned for the first time that Zechariah became God’s servant when he was just as young as I.

April 1974. The Pulpit You are Standing on is Holy

In a vision, God showed me several, large churches in and outside of Korea. I found myself standing inside Cheongryang-ri church when its roof was punctured open and a radiant light from the sky shined through the hole. God said, "The pulpit you are standing on is holy. This is because my providence is with you.”

1974. Must be Complete to Enter

God said, “Unless your followers are made complete, none may enter my world, and you shall not consider letting them in.”

1974. Recorded Within My Brain.

God said he had altered my brain and revealed such to me in a vision. He showed me that a small lobe had been placed within my brain, reminiscent of the complex components of a radio. And God said that within the lobe, seventy-eight thousand memories had been recorded. “Since I have altered your brain, it is different than others'. Once something is recorded in your mind, particularly knowledge related to Heaven, you shall remember it for the rest of your life, just as if it happened yesterday."

1974. Well-watered Garden

God said, “When your followers have truly bonded with you, your work will prosper like a lush, well-watered garden."

July 1975. The Millennium

During my lecture on the Book of Revelation, I talked about the Millennium and thought, “How tiresome would it be to wait for a thousand years?” That night, God told me, “A thousand years may seem long on Earth but it is only a brief moment in the spiritual world.”

1975. Reciprocation

God promised, “If those who have suffered under the first Olive Tree join you in your work, they will be compensated for everything, including their efforts for the former servant.”

1975. Loneliness

God showed me how his work will progress in the future and said, “As you become older and many more start to follow you, you will be in a lonely position." Even though it was in a vision, I thought about why I would feel lonely with more followers. However, as time passed and the number of followers increased, I fully experienced isolation as a leader. One who could not discuss God's work with anyone yet was responsible for its completion.

October 18, 1977. Love of a Mother.

In a vision, God taught me the true love of a shepherd. A lost child was crying for his mother, who was far away. He mistook a nearby woman for her, but realizing she was not his mother, he desperately searched and cried for her. Eventually, he found her and was back in her loving embrace. I was observing the warm and affectionate eyes of the real mother and the other woman’s indifferent attitude. Then, I heard God's voice. “There is nothing more valuable than dedication and sacrifice.” He demonstrated that I must dedicate and sacrifice for my followers the same way a true mother looks for her lost child. He also made me realize that during church activities, one must never resent others for their lack of cooperation. In addition, I learned that if one becomes indifferent about even the smallest part of God's temple, it will cause him dismay. Then, in a following vision, I saw a woman praying at the church in Seoul. After finishing her prayers, she started cleaning the floor and the windows. While I was watching, Jehovah said, “Look at this. I will remember their every service, even dust cleaning in my church, and reward them for their efforts.”

1977. Memorial Worship Services

Jehovah told me the importance of memorial worship services. I learned that when those who have realized the truth through me hold a memorial worship service for those who had died not knowing his Providence, God will accept the offering and it will benefit them during the last judgment.

April 1980. Vision of Algok-seongjeon

It happened during my false imprisonment. One day, I heard Jehovah’s voice, saying, “Build my temple in a quiet place an hour away from Seoul and bring glory to me.” The new temple had curtains in front of the pulpit, which was only open during services and remained closed at other times. The seats of the choirs were in a V-shape and were arranged so that members were sitting on both sides.

October 1982. Construction for Churches in the Provinces

When we were constructing a church in Incheon, God commanded me in a vision to quickly build other churches in the provinces the same way the Incheon church was being built. Moreover, he commanded me to use only my followers to build the churches in the future.

September, 1983. Construction of the Seoul Annex Building

When I tried to build an annex building for the Seoul Church, I was worried about causing financial trouble for the church members and was unable to mention the offering. However, God said in my vision, “80% of your followers now understand your teachings for my Providence and will carry out your requests. Even if you begin the construction, their faith will not waver, so do not worry and begin."

1December 1987. I will Make You Noble

After the construction of the Algok-seongjeon, Jehovah said, “You worked very hard to build my temple amidst difficult circumstances. I will make you noble in the eyes of many people.” I replied, “I am satisfied as is. Many of my followers worked very hard with the former servant and are even now working very hard with me while being persecuted themselves. Please reward them for everything they have done.”