Why Jesus has not come yet?

Jesus promised his apostles that he would come back while they were still alive. But he has not come over two thousand years. Why Jesus has not yet come?

After crucified and died on the cross, Jesus received a book from God, sealed by seven seals so that no one could see it. The book contained the providence of God and the names of the heavenly soldiers. After Jesus opened the book and understood what was written, he gave revelation to John the Apostle to let him deliver the message of God's will. The plan of God is to produce the heavenly soldiers from the earth and to fill the number of the armies. He eventually wants to destroy the devil with his army. In order to do that, he planned a work where the number of the army is completed on the earth in the last days. The person who will do that work for God is the Olive Tree.

Once the Olive Tree accomplishes his mission, the heavenly army will be trained for one thousand years to destroy the devil. After that, all the spirits who were dragged by the devil will be brought and judged. The following is Hell and the Kingdom of Heaven that God will create. A new heaven and a new earth will be formed in the new kingdom of God.

This book explains in detail through the Bible what is the will of God and how his plan will be completed.


1. Secrets of the Bible
2. Limitations of Christianity
3. Three beings in the book of Daniel
4. The One like a Son of Man and the End Time's Harvest
5. The Overcomer and the covenant
6. Two witnesses of Jesus, two Olive Trees
7. Symbol of the Olive Tree, Joshua
8. Symbol of the Olive Tree, Zerubbabel
9. The shadow of the Olive Tree, Moses and Elijah
10. Two persons on the right and left side of the river and a person wearing fine linen
11. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
12. God's providence in the history of Israel
13. The second Olive Tree
14. Lee Youngsoo's spiritual experience
15. The army of heaven
16. Death and Resurrection
17. Kingdom of Heaven and Hell
18. Conclusion