Jesus, Olive Tree, and Prophecy

The Bible is a collection of books written by about 40 people over 1500 years. One of the characteristics of the Bible is that it deals with prophecy and its fulfillment. In the Bible, four important figures are prophesied. Among them, John the Baptist and Jesus came two thousand years ago, and the other two are the two Olive Trees who were chosen by God in our days.

This book introduces the prophecy about Jesus and the Olive Tree. The uniqueness of the prophecy about Jesus is that he had already prophesied himself before he was born in this world. It was possible because he existed before the creation of the world. This book elaborates on the mission of Jesus and the Olive Tree and the authority they will receive after completing their mission.


Part 1. Background
1. Why is prophecy difficult to understand?
2. Providence of God

Part 2. Jesus Prophecy
3. The verses Jesus directly prophesied about himself
4. Prophecies about Jesus
5. Symbolic events related to Jesus

Part 3. Olive Tree Prophecy
6. Prophecy about the olive tree
7. Prophecies related to the olive tree

8. Conclusion