Lee Young-soo is the Overcomer prophesied in the Bible. Jesus anointed him in 1951, and he established Holy Eden Church in 1973.

There are only four people prophesied in the Bible. Two of them are John the Baptist and God’s son, Jesus, who came two thousand years ago. The rest are the Two Olive Trees, the two Overcomers.

The prophets in the Old Testament and the disciples in the New Testament are not prophesied. God and Jesus chose them solely to fulfill a need in their times. Thus, the Overcomer is more important to God’s work than Moses or Peter the Apostle, for his mission carries greater significance.

Christianity currently teaches Jesus, who came in the flesh, as the Savior and places emphasis solely on salvation through him. However, it is more important to understand Jesus, who was resurrected, ascended to Heaven, received God’s book with His Providence (Revelation 5:8), and is currently in the process of completing His work. After understanding God’s plan in its entirety, Jesus promised to appoint Two Olive Trees—who have ovecome—as his two witnesses (Revelation 11:3-4). Without comprehension of the significance of the Overcomer in the biblical context, it is impossible to properly assess him.

A believer in God and Jesus should seriously consider God’s words about the Two Olive Trees, “who are anointed to serve the Lord of all the earth” (Zechariah 4:14), and Jesus’ words about them as “my two witnesses” (Revelation 11:3-4). When Jesus first came to earth, people did not believe him, except the disciples and a few followers. It is likewise nowadays. With many false prophets, it is hard to realize the truth. However, comparing the Overcomer’s interpretations to the words in the Bible and developing an accurate understanding will lead to the realization that his words are truth.

Blessed are those who read, hear, and take to heart the words of truth (Revelation 1:3). The Church hopes to provide a detailed explanation based on the Bible of who the Overcomer is, what missions the Two Olive Trees received, and what rewards are promised.