Secrets Buried in the Bible

There are many secretsburied in the Bible.
Why are the secrets buried in the Bible necessary?

If the Bible only concerned matters between God and humans, God would have no reason to speak enigmatically.
God’s ultimate goal is to subdue the Devil, and the Bible is God’s words to His people in order to accomplish His goal. Thus, the Devil must not know God’s strategy, so God concealed it.

The Devil, too, looks at the Bible. The Devil, who came to tempt Jesus, cited the Bible (Luke 4:10-11). Therefore, the strategy to destroy the Devil cannot be explicitly revealed. The secrets remain unknown even to prophets. Daniel said he never realized it even after an angel taught him (Daniel 12:8), and Zechariah also said he did not understand the angel’s explanations (Zechariah 4:5,13). If even the prophets who wrote the words, do not understand their meaning, then who else could? If the words are concealed from even the Devil, how could a human being possibly understand them?

Then why did God have such incomprehensible messages recorded? If He planned to keep them hidden forever, there would have been no reason to record them. Instead, He left a prophecy, so that when the work is done, people would know it was God’s Providence.

When is that time? It is when the prophesied figure arrives. The Bible predetermines two arrivals: the first was two thousand years ago, when Jesus came to earth; and the second is the present, with the appearance of the Overcomer.

The prophets to carry out God’s work are taught the Bible’s secrets relevant to their missions and appear. After Jesus was baptized, he was sent to the desert for 40 days and was taught about his work to be done by spiritually conversing with God. When the prophesied figure appears, the hidden messages become comprehensible, and thus, people recognize him as the prophesied figure. and Jesus taught Lee Young-soo his work to be done as the Overcomer. , The foundations of his preachings are presented here.