God’s Intention

The Bible starts with the creation of mankind,
and ends with the collapse of the Devil from a war between the army of Heaven and the army of the Devil.Ultimately, everything is related to God’s intent to destroy the Devil.

God and the Devil were enemies, even before God created humans. He created humans in order to confront the Devil. In other words, humans were created as God’s army (Ezekiel 37:10, Daniel 8:10, Revelation 19:14). The Devil realized humans were a threat, so he took measures to separate them from God: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Its fruit were corrupted by the Devil, and eating the fruit would put humans under the Devil’s influence, thereby separating them from God.

Satan eventually tempted Adam and Eve into eating the fruit. To prevent them from living eternally under the Devil’s influence, God threw them out of Eden (Genesis 3:22). God commanded angels to guard the road to the Tree of Life, as He was worried Adam would come back (Genesis 3:24). After being thrown out of Eden, Adam and Eve started living the primitive life on earth in flesh. The Devil easily dominates the weak humans in flesh, and when life in flesh ends, he takes those souls and reigns over them in his world, Hades.

God tried to regain His power over humans, but even those chosen by God lived in sin and did not live according to God’s will. Thus, God grieved having created humans and sent a flood to destroy them (Genesis 6:6-7). God had the righteous man, Noah, and his family make an Ark and let them live, because He wanted to start His work of regaining humans through them. However, humans returned to living in sin, and following the Tower of Babel incident, God eventually found a radical solution: to crucify His own son.

By sending His son, Jesus, to be a sacrificial offering, God wanted to find a way to wash away humans’ sins. To prepare for Jesus’ birth, God picked Abraham (originally, Abram) and communicated with his descendants for two thousand years. Even when they betrayed God and worshiped idols, he did not completely destroy them so that Jesus could be born.

Jesus sacrificed himself on the Cross and made an offering to God, and God accepted the offering and converted it to water of life to wash away sins (See Zechariah 13:1, 12:10). Jesus appointed the Overcomer in the final days to wash away humans’ sins with water of life and bring them to God. When the Overcomer accomplishes his mission to complete the soldiers of God, Jesus will return to earth to take them (Matthews 24:31), and God will train them for a thousand years and carry out the war against the Devil. This war is called the Battle of Armageddon.

After destroying the Devil, God will call forth all souls in Devil’s world and carry out the Last Judgment (Revelation 20:12). As a result, the ones who will enter Heaven and the ones who will be thrown into the lake of fire will be separated. Many believe that Heaven and Hell already exist and that the virtuous go to Heaven and the evil go to Hell, but the judgment will decide who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, Heaven and Hell are made after the Final Judgment, and no one has entered Heaven or Hell. The Devil has dragged the souls of those who failed to become God’s soldiers into the Devil’s world, and they are currently in Hades. Thus, the dead emerge from Hades at the time of the Last Judgment (Revelation 20:13). The ones with the power to judge are God’s soldiers, who consist of martyrs. (Revelation 20:4)

God established this grand plan before he chose Abraham. It is impossible to understand thousands of years of God’s work through the eyes of humans, which only live for several decades. As God’s work comes to an end and his servant, the Overcomer, appears, the hidden secrets are now exposed, and God’s Providence is identified in its entirety.