The Mark Given to Cain (July 13, 1975)

The mark of protection given by God to Cain

Early one morning I had a vision of Cain and Abel. Jehovah accepted Abel and his offering, but rejected Cain and his offering (Genesis 4:5-7). Cain, overcome with anger, used a stone to kill Abel. In the distance, I saw people working in the fields. Jehovah cursed Cain for murdering his brother, and told him that he would restlessly wander the Earth. Cain regretted what he had done and was afraid others would kill him. God promised Cain he would protect him from others and gave him a mark as evidence of this protection. The mark was a bronze-like disk, 20 cm in diameter. It looked like a metal badge with Four Living Creatures (Cherubim) engraved on its front, and animal hieroglyphics on its back. I cannot recall the shapes of the animals in detail, but I believe that they meant, “Do not harm this person.”