After the Revival Meeting at Yeouido Square (May 30, 1973)

Jehovah sitting on the throne in Heaven speaking in his voice On May 30, 1973, the world-renowned revival preacher, Billy Graham, held a nationwide spiritual revival meeting at Yeouido Square in Seoul. Christians from all over the country came. They put up their church signs, laid mats and newspapers on the ground, and said prayers and praises while waiting to hear his sermon. I was among them. At the time, God had already given me my mission as the Second Olive Tree, but had also commanded me to keep it all secret until the proper moment arrived. Yet upon hearing the news of spiritual revival meeting, I made my way to Yeouido Square. After carefully watching many Christians give worship to God, I returned to Ssangmun-dong, where I lived, and went up to a small hill in my village late that evening to pray to God. I was curious what he thought of the people gathered that day at Yeouido Square, so I asked, “What will happen to them?” and came back home to sleep. Around 1 a.m., an angel came to me in a vision and said, “The Lord God wants to see you.” As I followed the angel, the sky opened up. A great glowing radiance shined down and from it, a glittering carpet unfurled as if lining the aisle of some great wedding hall. Painted with a rainbow array of colors, it rolled all the way to my feet. It was then I heard a voice from the sky say, “Stand on it.” I stepped onto the carpet, looked up to see the throne of God. From his glowing radiance, Jehovah spoke to me. “I, Jehovah, heard the question you asked. Listen carefully. It does not matter how many people gathered. If it is not according to My Providence, it has nothing to do with me. Only those who remain faithful to My Providence can succeed in fulfilling my divine will and gain entrance to my world.” I then awoke from my sleep and carefully thought through God’s words. I found it difficult to understand.