The Chestnut Harvest (Summer 1978)

Jehovah teaching the author how he can harvest his followers only after they have ripened like chestnuts.

In a vision from God, I found myself harvesting chestnuts. When the wind blew, the chestnuts fell. So I picked them up and put them in a basket. The Lord asked,

“What are you doing?”
I answered, “I am picking up chestnuts and putting them in a basket.”

Then, the Lord said,

“Look. The ripe chestnuts fall when the wind blows, so you can put them in a basket. However, unripe chestnuts do not fall and therefore cannot be harvested. It is the same with your followers. If they are not ripe, you cannot harvest them and bring them to me.”

God emphasized that those who follow me must be ripe enough before they can be gathered. When I awoke, I felt the weight of the great task ahead of me.