Primitive Life of Man (April 1972)

The descendants of Adam and Eve, banished from the Garden of Eden, living in the primitive age

Curious about how Adam lived after he had been driven out of the Garden of Eden, I asked Jehovah to show me. And in a vision, he showed me how Adam's descendants had lived. Their lifestyle was primitive, just as had been described by scientists. They were very tall, over 190 cm high and their complexion was like that of the Native Americans. They wore their hair very long, their physique was very well developed, and they were all quite handsome. They made their homes in caves. And to keep large, wild animals away, they blocked their cave entrances with heaps of timber. They roamed the fields in groups of 20 to 30 and when they spoke to each other, their conversations sounded more akin to animal cries. So there was nothing I could understand. Elsewhere, a giant mammoth walked. In the sky, birds with huge, eight meter wingspans and long beaks flew. The people wore skirt-like animal skins to cover their lower bodies, and they had hairy arms and legs. To hunt animals, they used spear-like objects made of wood or clubs. They used fire to cook but, at times, also ate meat raw. Realizing that this really was how our primitive ancestors lived, I watched them anxiously. And then I opened my eyes and found myself drenched in sweat. It took a while for me to come back to reality, but I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit comes to me, like the fall of a sweet, welcome rain upon my head.