The Lament of the Olive Tree (1983)

The author lamenting over nobody believing his words on the Providence of God These days, no one would come to me, even when I had prepared a feast. I have built the Algok-seongjeon (the Temple of Grain), as God commanded, I wash the sins inherited through generations with living water and I promise salvation through the grace of God, but they still do not come. In a vision in 1983, I lamented because people did not acknowledge God's work. I preached to the elders in other churches that, “The work of the Olive Tree is not the work of a man, but of God.” They said, “You are just like Elder Park (the First Olive Tree),” and ignored me. I preached to non-believers, “This is God's work. Please come” and they said, “Isn’t that heretical?” and laughed at me. I asked in tears to the people in Jeondogwan, “I am the Second Olive Tree, for certain. Please come. We must work together to serve God,” but they laughed and said that I was just an entertainer saying senseless things. With nobody to listen, I pounded the ground and cried bitterly. I asked, “God, what must I do for them to recognize your Providence and follow you? It is impossible to do the work of the Olive Tree.” Then a light came down from the sky and God said the following. “You are suffering because you are doing the work of the Olive Tree. If you had showed your power without claiming to be the Olive Tree, there would have been several dozen times more people following you. However, no matter how difficult, the work of the Olive Tree is my Providence, so you must preserve and uphold it yourself until the end.” After hearing his words, I opened my eyes and felt sorrow.