The Grape Harvest (1982)

Jehovah teaching the author how he can harvest his followers only after they have ripened like grapes. Following the chestnut harvest vision in 1978, God showed me a vision of picking grapes in 1982. When I tried to pick a ripe bunches of grapes, they fell off easily, and I put them in a basket. However, picking unripe bunches only damaged the grapes and could not be done. At that moment, the Lord said,
“What are you doing?”
“I am picking grapes,” I said.
“Look. You can easily pick the ripe ones without trying, but the unripe ones do not fall easily. Likewise, you can harvest your followers when they are ripe. However, if they are unripe, you cannot bring them to me, even if you desired to.”
He emphasized again how my followers must ripen. For God to have stressed this message a second time, I felt the pressure of my responsibility to successfully fulfill his will.