The Angel and Fruits (Mid-March 1980)

The angel bringing fruits to the author After being falsely accused, I was imprisoned. As spring neared and the outside world became sunny and warm, and I began feeling suffocated by my prison cell. One day, in a vision, an angel came to visit me and said, “Please follow me.” “Where are you going?” I asked. “You will see.” So I followed the angel. The angel stood perhaps 7 to 8 cm taller than myself, and its comely, distinctly Western face looked like neither man nor woman. Its voice was equally genderless. It was a warm day with the temperature around 22 degrees Celsius. I followed the angel on foot and my leg began hurting. So I said to the angel, “Look, my leg is hurting. Where are you going?” He replied, “We are almost there.” After walking a while further, we reached a place that seemed like a park filled with trees. Hot and tired from walking, I told the angel I wanted to sit and take a break. The angel told me to remain seated and left. A while later, the angel returned carrying a large basket. Inside were fruits and some of them looked like they could either be an oriental melon or a quince, and some looked like apples. The angel said, “Please have some.” Since I was thirsty, I ate the fruit. The fruits had been just picked, but were cool as if they were just taken from a refrigerator. As I ate, I looked for the angel but he was gone. After eating my fill, I opened my eyes. I slowly became conscious and found myself back in my prison cell. Peculiarly, as I had only walked in my vision, my legs were as sore as if it had all been real. I realized that after feeling suffocated by my many days in that prison cell, God had consoled me by letting me walk in a vision. I felt the Holy Spirit upon my head, like the misty drizzle of a spring rain.