Spiritual Position of the Preceding Servant (April 14, 1974)

Jesus admitting prophets to enter into the Most Holy Place by calling their name In a vision, I saw approximately fifty prophets sitting down as Jesus called their names one-by-one into the Most Holy Place. God had decided the number of soldiers to be 144,000, which would consist of prophets and martyrs (Revelations 14:1, 19:14). They wore their fine linen, and their surreal, spiritual appearance was reminiscent of aliens or androids of science fiction. When the Lord was calling the names of each prophet, the former servant, the First Olive Tree, sat on one side full of confidence. However, when Jesus did not call his name, his face turned pale. When all of the calling was complete, I stepped forward before the Lord, knelt down and spoke to him. “Lord, when the Elder was on Earth, he worked very hard and even went to jail twice. You must not leave him out. Please consider him.” Jesus wore a long, gown-like robe, made from a towel-thick material, with a pocket on each side. His waist was tied with a strap. After listening to me, Jesus closed his eyes and thought for a while. Then he took out a white envelope from his right pocket and handed it to me. I accepted the envelope with both hands and examined it. The name of the former servant was written in vertical Chinese characters and below it were the words, “Low Rank” also in Chinese characters. I turned to look at the Elder, but he was no longer there. When I opened my eyes, I felt empty inside. And I felt the Holy Spirit upon me.