The Banquet Hall in Heaven (November 1975)

Jesus introducing the 144,000

In a vision, the Lord showed the future Banquet Hall of Heaven. Reminiscent of a large domed stadium, the interior was filled with seats for 144,000 Kings. Every chair was white and fairly large, and in front of them were tables, each with a nameplate. In front of the numerous white thrones, Jesus called forth to the platform each of the prophets and saints of Earth. Jesus then went through each of their life histories, their lifelong sufferings and tribulations in service to God. As he spoke, a giant screen displayed these very scenes. When Jesus introduced them with praise, the prophets and saints reminisced over their Earthly sufferings. They would burst into tears upon realizing that it was because of their troubles, and the grace of the Lord’s blood, that they could now enjoy eternal happiness and the blessing from the glorious thrones given to them. As I watched this scene, standing on the platform with Jesus, I too became deeply moved and eventually shed tears of my own. The Lord wiped the tears from their eyes and said, “Everything is done. Enjoy your eternal blessing.” Two angels came and guided the person to his throne, marked with his nameplate. After this vision, I opened my eyes and felt dazed for some time. Upon becoming fully conscious, I realized how grand the spiritual world when the future unfolds.