Jesus Passed Away (June 1970)

Jesus being taken down from the cross Before his crucifixion, Jesus' health had already declined noticeably from his lack of sleep and the constant anxiety of his foreseen death. Now, Jesus was very weak and constantly stumbled as he carried the cross. The Roman soldiers called a person from the street and had him carry the cross in his stead. The soldiers placed the cross on Hill Golgotha and laid Jesus down. He was then nailed to the cross by his hands and feet. This was the most painful scene to watch. Until this moment, Jesus had remained silent but could not suppress his pain and groaned loud. Maria, mother of Jesus, could not bear to hear his wails and covered her ears in anguish. When Roman soldiers hammered the thick nails through his hands, his bones were crushed, and the exhausted Lord groaned in pain. The Lord passed away six hours after he was crucified. In my vision, I saw the Roman soldier confirm the death of Jesus by piercing his right flank with a spear, just as it was told in the Bible. However, I had not known that the spear had pierced all the way through his body—its sharp point extruding from his back. After Jesus passed away on the cross, two men and three women took his corpse down. The face of the corpse looked very aged. The loss of blood had turned his face yellow and reduced him to nothing but skin and bone. In a matter of hours, he no longer looked anything like the man I saw in the courtyard of Pontius Pilatus.