The Miracle of Multiplication (September 3, 1976)

Jesus blessing five loaves of bread and two fish to feed five thousand people Curious about how the miracle of multiplication in the Bible actually had happened, I asked Jesus. And he showed me in a vision. When one of his disciples brought two fish and five loaves of bread, the Lord commanded. “Where are the baskets? Go and return with baskets.” The disciples scattered to search and after a while, they brought many baskets in different sizes. Along with the twelve disciples, others helped. And although they followed the Lord's command, they seemed doubtful. Jesus asked for the fish and the bread, and Peter put them in a basket and brought them to him. Peter was taller than Jesus, with a larger physique. Jesus placed both hands on the basket and gave blessing. After, the Lord said to his disciples, “Take these and share them.” When the disciples took the few pieces and the moment they placed them in their baskets, the bread and fish multiplied. The disciples did not know where they came from or how they appeared. As the Lord commanded, "Share these," they took the basket and passed out the food. Without questioning where the food had come from, the people ate. What I found truly incredible was that when the disciples passed a loaf of bread to a person, that person received it, but was then suddenly holding two loaves in their hands. And when that person passed the second loaf to the next person, that person would suddenly have two loaves of bread in their hands. This allowed everyone to eat. The men ate all their food, but what the children and women could not finish was collected, leaving twelve full baskets of bread. When I awoke, my first thoughts were of my followers and their certain amazement and fascination upon hearing my sermon for this incredible vision.