The Words Jesus Told Me

In 1958, when I was sixteen, I heard Jehovah’s voice for the first time but did not know it until four years later, in 1962. I was 28 when I met Jesus in person and heard his voice in 1970. Jehovah’s voice is deeper and grander than Jesus’, and Jesus’ voice is gentler and softer than Jehovah’s.

April 1971. Washing Away Sins

This vision came to me when I was living out of a rental in Seokgwan-dong. Jesus said, "With my blood, I have washed away all of the sins descended from your ancestors and made you clean. From now on, I will give my blood through you to make others clean. In your time, no one will understand my providence without you." As soon as he finished talking, the gate of Heaven opened, and I heard angels’ blissful praises through the bright, shining radiance. It was the hymn, “I Love Him,” which sings “Gone from my heart the world and all its charms; Now through the blood I’m saved from all alarms; Down at the cross my heart is bending low; The precious blood of Jesus cleanses white as snow.” It was praise about the Lord washing away my sins. I heard it, but could not see any angels.

February 27, 1972. 90,000 Followers

Jesus said that he generously had given blessings to the 90,000 former servant's followers but that the number was decreasing as they became corrupt. He added, "Make them qualified to enter my world, even if it is only one of them."

March 5, 1972. Hegemony

In the evening of March 1, my sister Young-ja came to my house and told me shocking news. The wife of the former servant had passed away on February 26. I asked Jesus why he was putting the former servant in misery and begged for an answer. Four days later, on March 5, I received a response. In the vision, I saw that the former servant’s wife took charge in appointing church leaders to different places, and the former servant watched from the side with a displeased look on his face. The Lord said she was ruling with “hegemony (in German)”. That is, she exercised power and did acts inglorious to Jesus. The Lord said to the former servant that he could not forgive her for hindering God's work, but he had not done anything because the former servant prayed three times, begging for forgiveness. The Lord explained that because she never repented, the Lord took her life.

May 1972. Out of 4 Billion People

When I was suffering from financial woes and was living out of a rental in Seokgwan-dong, Jesus said in my vision, “I have chosen you from the four billion people in the world. In this day and age, the providence of God will be with you.” After I woke up, I got up to get some water. I looked into a mirror and asked myself, "Was I really chosen by the Lord, out of four billion people?" and I became emotional.

October 1972. My Blood Disgraced

Jesus was talking about the failing former servant's work. He stopped, fell into tearful sorrow, and spoke to me in a trembling voice, "For 2,000 years, I have waited for the Overcomer. When I found him, I poured forth the Holy Spirit with unlimited charity. Didn't you see with your own eyes?" When I replied, "Yes, I saw," Jesus asked, "Is it the former servant's or my blood?" I responded, "It is the Lord's blood." Then, Jesus said, "The former servant's followers disgraced my blood and have betrayed me." I did not understand. When Jesus asked, "What do you think of this?" I could not respond. The Lord continued in rage, "During the last judgment, I, myself, will judge those who insulted and disgraced my blood, and throw them into Hell.”

October 1972. Your People Are Unusual

In regards to the former servant's work, the Lord said, “I have encountered and led many ethnicities for 2,000 years, but your people are very unusual.” I did not think he meant it in a good way.

March 8, 1973. You Must Do It Alone

The two Olive Trees must join forces in the spiritual world to fight the spiritual war against the beasts that have received authority from the dragon, according to Jesus' commands (Revelations 11:7). Unfortunately, the former servant's work gradually failed. Jesus told me I, alone, would have to carry out the two Olive Trees’ duty. I truly could not avoid the sorrow.

May 5, 1973. You Have Overcome

When I was living in Ssangmun-dong, the Lord said in my vision, “I have watched you under many circumstances and realized that your attitude in serving me does not change, regardless of your circumstances. You have overcome. If you look into your past, you will realize that I have always treated you in a special way. Look. From now on, your future will be like this." Then, he showed me a straight, wide open asphalt road.

June 26, 1973. The Transfer of Power

In a vision, the Lord called forth the former servant and me. We were both kneeling before the Lord. When the Lord said to the former servant “Your mission is now done. You have betrayed my covenant. Therefore, all of your power and work will be transferred to Lee Young-soo," the radiant light on the former servant's face began to disappear little-by-little and was transferred to my face. As glory and power were gradually transferred to me, the former servant slowly changed, as well. Then, the Lord commanded me not to use the “New Hymnal” (published in1962) and instead use the "Joint Hymnal" (published in 1949). The lyrics of the New Hymnal were made from humans' thoughts, so Jesus did not regard them as appropriate. On the other hand, the lyrics of the Joint Hymnal were written by those who have experienced the fiery grace of the Holy Spirit and therefore, were appropriate. In the Joint Hymnal, he praised number 191 (‘Bearing the Cross’, Kim Insik, 1905) for describing him the best.

July 1973. Anointed together with the Former Servant

When Jesus gave me the difficult mission to save the collapsed work of the First Olive Tree and asked me to gradually begin the work of the Second Olive Tree, I pondered it for some time but was not confident. Thus, I prayed to Jesus. “If I begin your work as the Second Olive Tree, no one will believe me. My history of working in the entertainment industry makes this particularly difficult. Even for a man who has led an ordinary and quiet life this would not be easy,” I said. Then, the Lord said, “When I anointed the former servant, whom you respected and followed, with oil and made him the Olive Tree, I actually appointed two Olive Trees, as recorded in the Bible. When you were young, you did not know me, but I also anointed you with oil as one of the two Witnesses. If you look back to your past, you will realize that I was with you even when you did not know me. Reflect on your past life.” Then, He said, “If you do not begin my work and witness me, this is what will happen.” Then I saw a scene in the vision where the believers were wandering in darkness, not knowing where to go. They were gathered here and there to give worship, but were at loss of what to do. Then he said, “It is not you who is doing this. You need only follow my will.”

July 1973. The Corpse of Saint Paul

When Jesus was talking about his servants, he showed me Saint Paul's corpse, which had been beheaded and had fallen to the ground. The Lord said, “When Paul was alive, he endured suffering and tribulation to witness me and was eventually martyred. Like Paul, you must undergo suffering and tribulation for my work.”

January 10, 1974. Request to Revoke the Power of Blessing

The former servant continued to persecute me, so I prayed to the Lord to take his mission away from him. Then, the Lord said, “If I take away his mission all at once, it would disgrace my glory. Therefore, it will be done gradually.”

March 1974. Jesus’ Anger

The Lord talked about his anger towards the former servant’s work and said, “I gave all the support and blessing to the former servant’s work and followers. However, the followers who received my blessing never did much for me.”

October 1974. I Will Not Be Deceived Twice

The former servant discredited me, society persecuted me, and nobody recognized me. The work of the Olive Tree was neglected, so I asked Jesus, "Lord, who would follow me when the work of the Olive Tree is being undermined like this? It is very difficult. Even if you empower me with the ability to give ample blessings, like you did to the former servant, people will hesitate to follow me. The difficulty is too great.” That night, the Lord showed me a vision of an outdoor meeting of followers of the First Olive Tree at Mount Nogu in Faith Village (6/30–7/5, 1958). Then he showed me that, they would come to neglect God’s Providence, and that eventually, it would be restored again through me over the years. Then, he told me, “In the past, I provided my blood abundantly. However, I will not be deceived again. I cannot let my blood be disgraced like this again. From now on, I will provide my blood when your followers have fulfilled my will.”

1974. The Power to Absolve

Jesus promised to grant my wish and asked what I wanted. So, I asked, “What is the greatest power you have?” He responded, “The greatest power I have is the power to absolve.” I asked, “Then, please allow your servant to exercise that power on your behalf.” Jesus replied, “You can now exercise that power."

1974. The 2,000-year Wait

After starting Holy Eden Church, I faced many troubles, so I questioned the role of the Overcomer and puzzled over it. Then, Jesus said to me in my vision, “You are doing the work of the Overcomer for just your time, but know that for 2,000 years I have waited for the Overcomer to appear and do my will.” He explained the significance of God's Providence and told me to achieve the work of the Olive Tree, no matter how difficult.

May 1975. For Only Three Years

In a vision, Jesus said, “The former servant carried out my commands with honesty and passion for only three years.” In 1957, the former servant began distorting God’s Providence by fabricating the phrases, "Good Condition" and "Bad Condition."

June 4, 1975. Wall of Fire

One afternoon, I shut my eyes and nodded off. There was a glowing radiance in the distance and the Lord appeared, wearing a white robe. "Just like how I gave grace to the former servant, whom you respected and followed, to appoint him as my servant and protected him with a wall of fire, I will also protect you with a wall of fire."

1975. Overcoming the Evil Spirit

The Lord said in my vision that those, who can defeat the power of the evil spirit while physically alive, can overcome the evil spirit in the spiritual world.

1976. Three Levels of Belief

In a vision, the Lord taught me the attitude of my followers. “Your followers have three levels of beliefs. First, there are those who have discovered the truth and as a result, trust and follow you with gratitude. Second are those who call you the Overcomer but live their lives according to their own will. The third are those who follow you because they can benefit from you and pretend to respect you.” Jesus taught me to differentiate my followers based on these levels of belief.

October 1978. Endure the Difficulties

When I was discouraged by my difficulties, the Lord said the following in my vision, “Didn’t I show you before how I was crucified and suffered at the courtyard of Pontius Pilatus? You must also endure the difficulties, even if they are painful.” After listening to his words, I encouraged myself and returned to work with all my strength.

March 27, 1982. Designation of Wife

Once in a vision, I was pursuing God’s works exhaustively, but as I was unmarried, it invited more difficulties and compromising scandals. I felt this implied that I should perhaps look to marriage as a way of alleviating some of my future difficulties. Several days later, on the 27th, after a service in Daegu—during a tour of our provincial churches, I stayed as a guest of Deacon Lee Jong-o’s home. That night in another vision, the Lord designated a future spouse to me. This was the third time the Lord had commanded me regarding my marriage; the first being when I was 32 years old and the second being the vision days prior.

April 4, 1982. You Will Grow Fond of Her

I contacted Deaconess Lee Jong-eun, invited her family to my home, and told her daughter the Lord’s command from my vision. That night, I fell asleep wondering if she would assist me well and be of help to the Lord’s work, questioning if she could meet my expectations. That same night, the Lord said in my vision, “You will grow fond of her as time passes.” He added that I should not worry because she will be right for me and will assist me in adequate ways.