The Devil King Being Worshipped (April 20, 1972)

The Devil King sending help in return for sacrifices from the Earth In a vision, I visited and witnessed the Devil’s world again. The Devil King was sitting upon his throne, basking in the glory of idol worshippers on Earth. In front of him stood an enormous incense burner, a few wisps of smoke arose from it. I then heard a voice coming from within the burner. It was a prayer from Earth, asking for rain while knocking on a wooden prayer block. Upon hearing the prayer Devil King spoke, “Who is responsible for that region?” One of the devils sprang up and said, “It is I.” The Devil King said, “Go and help them.” Then the devil immediately disappeared. The Devil King caught me watching and roared that I had returned and must be captured. One of the devils standing by him said, “Father, I will catch him” and came after me. It was then I knew that this was the very same devil from the Bible who claimed his authority over the world, harassing and tempting Jesus in the desert (Luke 4:5). He approached me with an oddly-shaped, but undeniably sharp spear. Fearing for my life if remained, I ran. As the spear-toting underling devils were fast approaching, I heard Jesus’ voice. “What is that in your hand?” When I looked down, I realized I was holding a club of power. Then the Lord said, “Strike them with it.” So I struck the nearest devil with a blow to its head. As it shrieked and fell, the club grew bigger in my hand. With every devil I struck down, the club continued to grow, and soon I found myself worrying how I would hold onto it if it kept growing. Then I awoke from the vision to my room filled with sunlight and I found myself soaked in sweat. As I tried to rise, the Holy Spirit came to me, like the fall of a sweet, welcome rain upon my head.