Prophets in the Most Holy Place (1972)

Exchanging greetings with prophets in fine linen One night, between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m., I had a vision. I visited the Most Holy Place in Heaven, met prophets of the highest authority, shook their hands, and conversed with them. The prophets were clad in fine linen, but unlike the clothes we wear, it covered their bodies like a second skin. The cloth shined with a mercurial quality, as if a glitter of glass dust shimmered in the sunlight. Their look was strangely homogenous, almost androidial in their features and similarities. As I shook their hands and greeted each prophet, one of them introduced himself as Moses. So I asked him, “In the Bible, I read that you only saw God from behind when you were on Earth. Now that you have seen God in Heaven, what is your impression of Him?” However, Moses did not reply.