The Second Audience with Jehovah (January, 1974)

Through a great orb, Jehovah shows the immensity of the universe

Not long after I started Holy Eden Church, I had the opportunity to approach Jehovah's throne and meet God for a second time. God asked me about the progress of my work on Earth. I said that people have been led astray by the earlier works of the First Olive Tree and have become difficult for me to lead. God then asked me what I thought should be done. So I asked if he might give me more authority and the power to help them believe. God replied, “Do as you will, but do so with discretion." Then, God told me to come forward, so I went before the throne. To my left, and to the right of Jehovah, a pearl-like orb the size of a basketball sat on a table that stood a meter high. The orb shined with bright, dazzlingly colors from within. God said, “The universe is so vast that it cannot be seen at a glance. Look inside.” When I gazed into the orb, I saw what I later discovered were entire galaxies passing by. Some were oval in shape, some round. Some were empty at their center, like cosmic doughnuts. But the time, I had no idea what galaxies actually looked like. It was only after some time that scientists began publishing images taken from deep space and I saw the first real pictures of distant galaxies. It was only then that I truly realized what I had seen within the pearl-like orb before God. I thanked him for teaching me about the vastness and mystique of the universe so far in advance. It was indeed a privilege to experience such revelations before God’s throne and an audience of angels.